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For Emma

I love Turkish dramas. The romance, the beautiful people, the drama, and the fairy tale endings. The other night I was watching one of these dramas, "Love Logic Revenge", on the eighty inch tv in my living room, laying on the coach, flanked by my sleeping dogs Rose and Lucy. "Love Logic Revenge" is the story of a married couple, Ozan and Esra, who divorced after several years of marriage. After that, the man suddenly gets rich and his life changes again when his ex-wife starts working with him. Will Ozan and Esra fall in love with each other again? No spoiler alert here, but the ending was as beautiful as the actors. As i turned off the tv, snuggled with my dogs, and basked in the warmth of my own happily ever after, my thoughts turned to my early childhood. It wasn't always this way, my life has seen some drama. You might not see it now, but I was born into instability on all fronts. Political instability, economic and financial instability, food instability, and yes parental instability. As a young girl, I hadn't yet learned the joys of Turkish dramas, but I dreamed of my own fairy tale ending.

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